Settling into my New Job

10527832_681843285197961_7399531372057748196_nChris Davis Multimedia Journalist

November 25, 2014


The day I finished my final shift as an intern at WTVF – NewsChannel5, I made a promise to myself that I would darken their door as an employee one day

Little did I know, that day would come again in just a few months.

I was sitting in the Nashville International Airport on October 16th, when I got a message from Professor Rob Jasso, Rob isn’t only a professor, he’s a friend, mentor, and life coach. Days earlier, I had messaged him in frustration, saying I was more than ready for a “real job.” He messaged me that day in the airport with, “Did you mean it when you said you wanted a real job?”

I said yes, and what came next was a whirlwind hiring process.

WTVF had an opening for an Associate Producer. It was a position I didn’t even realize was open, but they really wanted me to apply. So, with the help of Professor Jasso, I filled out the job application from the terminal using my iPhone 4S. The next day, I was doing, what I assumed was just a preliminary phone call, from my parent’s hotel room in Florida. It turned out to be my one and only job interview. The news managers heard nothing but good things about me, but were concerned about my availability due to my status as a student. They asked me to complete a writing test, and then they told me they’d get back with me.

And I waited a few days…I heard nothing back.

Just when I assumed they weren’t interested anymore, I got an email asking when I was available for a phone call.

That phone call came. Many of their questions persisted. Do I have the time? Could I work holidays? Could I sacrifice weekends? All my answers were “yes, I would make it work.”

So they offered me the job.

Now, two weeks in, I am overwhelmed yet overjoyed. I have gotten the chance to learn under 2 of MTSU’s finest, Kelsey Lebechuck and Samantha Jean. They have graciously put up with my incessant questions. I have slowly started the process of meeting the massive staff at WTVF. All the while, I can’t help but feeling like this is where I was meant to work. While the position is not necessarily the track I wish to continue my career (I hope to work on-camera as a reporter in the future) I am so happy to be an employee off James Robertson Parkway.

I am so ecstatic to be working among some of the people I respect most in the business. It really is a dream come true.