Long Form Stories/Mini Documentaries


In Spring 2014, I had the unique opportunity to take a class that founded our own news-source called The Bridge.  The Bridge is a long form, cross-platform class in the College of Mass Communications at Middle Tennessee State University in Mufreesboro, TN.

For Episode 1 of The Bridge, I produced 14 minutes of original content.  I did 3 pieces; a 2 part series on the Holly Bobo murder case, and a profile on a paralyzed veteran who was told he would never walk again, yet stands tall once more thanks to a strong will and innovative medical technology.  I also anchored and co-wrote the broadcast.  It was truly an incredible experience.

In Part 1 of “Justice for Holly”, I highlight the timeline of Holly’s disappearance and search, and then chronicle the early days of the murder trial.  In part 2 I divulge into the community support angle of the story.  I share the stories of countless Bobo family supporters who have stood by the family during their darkest days.

In “Hero Stands Tall: The Gary Linfoot Story”, I interview Retired Army Chief Warrant Officer Gary Linfoot, who was paralyzed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Through community support and hard work, Gary is walking again using a new suit called the “Exsoskeleton”.  It’s a truly inspiring story of perseverance and family unity.


In Fall 2013, I assisted in founding the Bragg Innovative News Network.  Like The Bridge, BINN is a long form, cross-platform, multi-media class in the College of Mass Communication at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

For our inaugural broadcast, I did a 10 minute, in depth, piece on the controversial Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  For the story, I interviewed Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey.  Within hours of the interview being posted on YouTube, it went viral.  The Tennessean, Tennessee’s largest newspaper, ran a story on comments the Lieutenant Governor made in my interview.  It also got the attention of CAIR, the Council for American-Islamic Relations, who denounced Lt. Gov. Ramsey based off the comments he made.  The video was also posted on various anti-muslim websites.

The full story, divided into 2 parts, aired on December 2 on the Bragg Innovative News Network’s first broadcast, on MT10, the student-run TV station that airs throughout Middle Tennessee on various cable providers.

Part 1:

Part 2:

A full web version of the story can be found by clicking here.